The Disinformation Agenda – aka the SOUND OF SILENCE!

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The Story Behind The Story

Attention Friends:

I am just a patriotic American Christian, trying to connect the dots to make sense of an increasingly crazy world.   I have dozens of historical textbooks on my shelf detailing the world events leading to the rise of Adolph Hitler and his “Third Reich”.   I have verified and validated the research of Antony C. Sutton in his book “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”.  It is the incredible yet true story of the AMERICAN financiers who provided Hitler with the money and RAW MATERIAL he needed to launch World War II.

Under every shadowy rock I turn over, there is a slimy decadent bug crawling out – the literal descendants of the Edomite Scribes and Pharisees who crucified Jesus Christ.   That, I submit, is the ultimate TRUTH – that there is, just as John declared on the Isle of Patmose in 95 AD, a very well organized…

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